Sports Injury Specialist

Bespoke Injury Management is a unique sports injury clinic dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems.

Our clinic is based in Wollaston, within Wollaston Therapy Centre, with private parking and in easy reach from Kettering, Rushden, Irthlingborough, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton.

Bespoke Injury Management provides Sports Therapy treatments this covers the following:

  • Injury treatment
  • Injury prevention
  • Electro therapy
  • First aid
  • Mobilisations
  • Spinal manipulations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports injuries
  • Occupational injuries
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Nutrition
  • Physical therapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Kneehab

Available to book Bespoke Injury Management for events and corporate days.

What our clients say

Neck Pain

Met Georgia today for my first appointment as my neck has been so stiff and painful for a few days. She worked patiently on my neck for an hour and made me feel welcomed and looked after. Thank you for seeing me at such short notice and  looking after me. Miriam Keaney, March 2020

Indian Head Massage

Visited on Saturday for a relaxing Indian head massage, booked as part of WTC taster charity day.  I was impressed and will be returning for advice and treatment for an old injury. Thank you Donna. Nanette Jones, March 2020

Pregnancy Massage 

I had a pregnancy massage with Georgia yesterday and I can honestly say it was amazing! Georgia was really friendly and made me feel relaxed from the start. She explained clearly the areas that would be treated, how to position myself and where to put the pillows for my bump. I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment. I would highly recommended any mums to be to visit Georgia for a pregnancy massage, it’s a lovely treat and really does help soothe any aches and pains you may experience in pregnancy. Thank you Georgia. Kimberley Griffin, February 2020

Running Injury

Massive thank you to Georgia! Can always rely on her to confirm an injury, sort it & send me on my way! Best thing is I don’t have to stop running. Emma Louise, March 2019

Running Maintenance

I have been visiting Donna around every 3 weeks for over a year. I was training for my first marathon but neglecting my body which resulted in niggles and injuries. Regular sports massages from Donna has reduced this and made me feeling fresh every time I run. She taught me the importance of warm up/stretches which has led to me being a more consistent runner. I highly recommend and couldn’t imagine myself running without her help. Thank you. Jack Addis, February 2019

Hip Pain

I have been to the centre on numerous occasions and have been so happy with the treatments. Donna and Georgia have been absolutely fabulous with massages previously, being able to adapt to my hip problem. I have been to see Elaine for my last couple of appointments, and all I can give is praise. Again she has taken my hip problem in to consideration and has made me feel very comfortable whilst having massages. I have been and seen her today, although have come out hurting, it’s because my muscles are extremely tight and have been over compensating. She has given me some tips and exercises to do, and I’m looking forward to going back in a month. I would highly recommend Bespoke Injury Management. Always have been able to deal with any sort of niggles/pains I go in with and help to relieve them. All 3 girls are fab! Thank you! Katie York, February 2019

Back Pain

A huge thank you to Georgia to sorting me out! I was a bit sore initially but the improvement since has been fantastic. To be pain free and able to put socks on first thing in the morning is marvelous. Suzanne Bayes, November 2018

Piriformis Syndrome

I’ve been having regular sports massages with Donna and Georgia for over 5 years now, working in the fitness industry I know how important it is to look after my body. Last week I injured my back and was left almost unable to walk, after 2 treatments with Donna and exercises at home I’m walking normally and able to return to work (under strict restrictions). I cannot thank or recommend Bespoke Injury Management enough!! Sam Stenson, September 2018

Leg Pain in Runner

I can’t thank Georgia enough for treating me today. I am sure she must want to hide when she sees my name on her list and she knows I cant resist doing things i shouldn’t. Today I hobbled in with pain in my leg and after an hour had improved massively. Thank you for once again working your magic and I promise to behave.. at least for a few days! Caren Ingold, July 2018

Back and Shoulder Maintenance

I started seeing Georgia earlier this year as my back and shoulders were really tight and achey. Months on, I see Georgia every half term without fail and feel a million times better every time! What a star! Nicola Gardener, July 2018

Lower Back Pain

Two weeks ago, I came to see Georgia. I had treatment for my first time and then a follow up appointment the week after. I had excruciating lower back pain, I couldn’t sleep and had various muscle spasms which continued to pinch my nerves. A few days later, my back feels fantastic and I can go back to my day to day activities! I can’t thank Georgia enough for helping sort it as quick as possible. I would definitely recommend and treatment was a full hour with an ultrasound – definitely worth the money. Thank you! Emily Baldry, April 2018


Went to see Donna today with some very poorly feet…..she was able to tell me what was wrong and worked on them for a good 45 minutes to help release some of the tension. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone with a sports injury. Sarah Garley, January 2018

Hypermobile Dancer

Georgia is helping my daughter with back problems as a dance student who is hyper mobile…..the results each time are amazing for her and I’m so glad we found the Centre. Amanda Jensen, January 2018

Pre-Race Sports Massage

Great sports massage on Saturday, ready for a HM race on Sunday. Loosened up the tightness in my hamstring and calves. Fantastic job, thank you. Aaron Ward, November 2017

Shoulder Injury

So for just over 2 years now I have had pain in my right shoulder neck and arm, after an operation for frozen shoulder and a trapped tendon I had to go to the therapy centre this week, and I have to say that Georgia has been amazing, she is the only person to find the right point of pain. I now know that I’m on the right road to recovery for the very first time in 2 1/2 years thank you Georgia. Annette Brooks, November 2017

Back Spasm

I came and saw Georgia today with what can only be described as a severe back muscle spasm. After just one hour of massage and some ultrasound the improvement is unbelievable. As a driving instructor I spend a lot of time sat down so this is an invaluable resource which I can now use to keep my body healthy. Thank you so much the improvement is amazing. So pleased I’ve found such a good therapist to keep my back in one piece. John Phillipson, October 2017

Sports Massage Competition Winner

I visited Bespoke Injury Management after winning 1st prize in a competition I entered. 
I’ve never had a sports message so I didn’t know what to expect. Had my first session with 
Georgia who was absolutely amazing. The massage was fantastic and perfect. Georgia worked on specific areas we discussed. Georgia was very professional and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable and at ease as soon as I stepped through the front doors. Highly recommended. Pay them a visit guys you will not be disappointed. Thank you Georgia! Hitesh Mehta, September 2017

Lower Back Pain

This is a great clinic, always friendly and professional. I’ve visited multiple times and always leave feeling much better. Would definitely recommend seeing Donna if you’re in need of treatment. William Baldwin, June 2017

Mid-Back Injury

Immediate relief from seeing Georgia. Once my injury has healed I will definitely be coming back for regular massages. Corrinna May, May 2017

Shoulder and Neck Maintenance Treatments

I have been searching for years for someone to be able to help with ongoing issues with my shoulders and neck. So I’d seen the rest and now have found the best…thank you so much Georgia. Bev Ayres, May 2017

Running Maintenance 

I’ve been using Bespoke Injury Management for a number of years now and I can’t fault any of the service I’ve received from Donna and Georgia.
They are both extremely professional and the treatment rooms are superb.
I’ve had a few minor running niggles and the ladies have aided a quick recovery to allow me to keep going so I don’t miss any of the events I have booked.
I would highly recommend bespoke injury management to anyone!
Keep up the good work ladies! Neil McKenzie, May 2017

Achilles, Running Injury

I first visited Donna with painful Achilles which I could hardly walk on, 2 sessions later I was back running and had exercises and stretches to follow. I was amazed at the results and the guidance and support given. I pop back for maintenance visits now to keep everything in check. Would highly recommend. Caren Ingold, April 2017

Plantafasciitis, Running Injury

I was training for my first half marathon when I got sudden pain in my foot. The online booking facility made it really easy to find an appointment that suited and after one treatment and some rest I was able to get back out again. I booked a follow up for after the event and benefited from a really good ‘maintenance’ treatment. No hesitation in recommending Bespoke to anyone. Lee Ingold, April 2017

Shoulder Injury, Cycling

Visited Bespoke with a shoulder injury a while back just before a planned 100 mile bike ride. Donna sorted this out and gave me some cracking advice about ongoing exercises. I have continued to visit since then on a regular basis – would highly recommend. Mark Minion, April 2017

Shoulder Injury, Netball

Hi have received treatment from both Donna and Georgia. They are both professional yet warm and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone and will be returning to treatment following an operation on my knee. My shoulder has improved greatly and I am sure the support I will get going forward will be just as good. Sue Tyres, April 2017

MP Pro Athlete

Fantastic! Donna helped me rehabilitate a nasty series of quad strains to get me back on track to compete in last years bodybuilding shows. Brilliant sports massages too! Nikki Louise, January 2017


Morton’s Neuroma

I came to Donna after being left with a broken Sesamoid bone and a Morton’s Neuroma in my foot for over a year. It was amazing how much of a difference she made to my day to day life after I’d seen her, even from the first session. She helped make me as comfortable as possible before my operation. I will be back to see her soon for post operative recovery. Thank you so much Donna. Lauren Hamper, January 2017

Health and Fitness Model

Huge thank you to Donna at Bespoke! After suffering a serious back injury last year Donna is now helping me prepare for competition this year and helping to keep any injuries at bay. I am really looking forward to working more with Bespoke Injury Management. Craig Heaton, January 2017


Pregnancy Massage

I visited for a pregnancy massage from Georgia in my last month of pregnancy. The treatment itself was fantastic, the pressure was perfect and worked on the specific areas I mention were aching. Georgia was so lovely and very welcoming and immediately made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is pregnant. Sarah Fretwell, December 2016

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Just had a lovely back and neck sort out by Georgia. Thanks so much, I will be back again! Melissa Gurr, December 2016

Lower Back Pain

Extremely professional and a very successful treatment. I received a clear explanation in a friendly yet serious manner. Would strongly recommend. Richard Springett, November 2016

Impact Injury, American Footballer

Helpful, thorough and supportive. Great treatment, advice and support. I am now confident to recover safely, promptly and correctly. Thank you Donna. Hannah Pye, October 2016

Full ACL Rupture, Rugby Player

The best around for professional and quality Sports Therapy. Personally Donna has helped me get back into rugby training and helped me in the gym to strengthen up my knee. Highly recommend. Peter Gilbey, October 2016

Car Accident, Shoulder Injury

I was previously treated by the NHS and signed off well. 5 weeks later the pain returned. On visiting Donna I was assessed and treated over several weeks. I am now pain free. I have no hesitation in returning if my shoulder deteriorates. Thank you for all your treatments. Louise Elborough, September 2016

Regular Sports Massage

Donna and her team continue to provide a really professional service and also offer helpful advice. I’ve been to see Georgia for the last 2 months for sports massage(mainly on the legs as I do spinning and play 7-a-side football) and find that it really helps with my recovery. I would recommend these guys if you are struggling with an injury or need regular sports massage to relieve aching muscles. Kevin Cross, September 2016

Repetitive Strain, Shoulder Injury

I’ve seen Donna periodically over the past three years with various injuries and shoulder problems due to my work. Each time Donna has quickly assessed and identified the problem and provided treatment and aftercare advise which has got me back to full strength, cycling and running again. I wouldn’t use anyone else. Sam Hillman, June 2016

Muscle Activation

I first went to Donna for help  a couple of months ago, I’d dramatically increased the number of miles I was running and as a result I was getting pain in my knee. I was really worried it was due to an issue that I had physiotherapy for in the past and that I’d have to give up running. Donna proved to me it was because I had not activated/utilised certain muscles, she gave me daily strengthening exercises and stretches to help. As a result of Donna’s help I no longer have pain in my knees or anywhere else in my legs and my running has improved no end! Lizz Burgess, June 2016


Recently I have taken up Boxing again after a long spell out. I train 4-5 times a week and I’m aiming high to try and break out of the office life in a few years. Because of the stress on my body I now have regular treatments once a week from both Donna and Georgia. I’m so impressed with their professionalism, how I feel at ease during my treatments and I know they have a genuine interest in my needs. I would recommend using their services. #teamBIM Lewis Moses, May 2016

Ankle Rehabilitation, High Intensity Training

First came across Donna several years ago following a nasty ankle injury that had been misdiagnosed. I was given a clear rehabilitation programme and after months and months out of exercise I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Within 5 months of treatment I was back to full exercise in the gym and running. I have since attended to get advise, treatment and support in order to complete the Brighton Marathon. Post marathon I had some work on my hips and needed some gluteal strengthening exercises. Donna always gives correct advise and will help you adapt your training programme whilst injured. I’ve also had Sports Massages regularly to help me continue with my training, we are currently working on my hip pain but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Fabulous, professional and top notch service. I would recommend to anyone with an active lifestyle. Shell Redmile, May 2016

Silverstone Half Marathon

I had been training since January for the Silverstone half marathon in March. Four weeks before the run I developed an injury on the base of my foot and toe. I saw Donna who also found I had shin splints, tight hamstrings, calves and runners knee, due to uping the mileage. Donna and Kim helped me a great deal with treatments and gave me exercises to do at home. Needless to say they got me to the start line in one piece and I’m proud to say I completed the Silverstone Half marathon in a respectable time with no injuries!! Massive thanks to Donna and Kim for all your help. Esther Maughan, April 2016

Scoliosis & Coccyx Pain

I have chronic neck and back pain for which I have seen Donna for many years who with her care and dedication has kept me mobile, working and now I’ve started Nordic Walking. Recently I suffered a set back with coccyx pain and saw Kimberley who has shown the same professionalism, care and dedication, they both give you advise and home exercise programmes to maintain your fitness to enable you to live your life to the full. Christine Nix, April 2016

Cycling Accident

After being knocked off my bike and an impending event the following week, I approached Donna to see if she could help manage my injuries to get me into a fit state to at least participate. Thankfully she got me ready and is now working with me every 6 weeks to help with my race training schedule and event prep by diagnosing/treating what muscle groups need working on. A pleasure to work with and always gives me exercises or ideas to work on outside of our sessions. Stuart Plows, April 2016

London Marathon Runner (Knee Pain)

I would just like to say how happy I am with the treatment I have received. I’m new to running and have had some problems with my knees and Kim has managed to pin point my problems and sort them out for me. I am now booked in for some maintenance sessions and I’m confident any niggles will be sorted as I get ready for the London Marathon. Kelly Anderson, March 2016


Three years ago I had sciatica and could hardly walk the pain was awful. A friend of mine suggested I contact Donna. Within a week or two of treatment my symptoms eased considerably and I was walking properly again. I was given exercises to do at home as well. Last week I went back to the clinic with a slipped disc and I am already walking better and have a session booked for next week, which hopefully will be all I need. Fiona Stevens, February 2016

Lower back pain, Gluteal weakness (Half Marathon Runner)

I visited Donna due to recent back pain after running. She was absolutely fantastic and very focused on finding out what had happened and why I was experiencing pain. She quickly identified the problem, provided treatment and a plan to get me back to running as quickly as possible and preventing problems from my back reoccurring. Very impressive, excellent professional service and would recommend to anyone. Ros Taylor, January 2016

Ankle ligament Sprain (football)

Cant recommend bespoke injury management highly enough, had a lot of pain in my ankle making work difficult as I’m on my feet all day. Donna identified the problem straight away and put in place a recovery program that has helped me get back to where I was before the injury very quickly. She has also given me great advise on how I can continue to strengthen then ankle after it has fully recovered to help prevent the problem reoccurring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sam Brown, January 2016

Hamstring and Gluteal weakness (Weight lifting, Cycling London to Paris, intense exercise) 

I have been having regular treatments with Donna since early 2015, in June 2015 my treatments became a weekly part of my wellbeing regime. During my preparations for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and cycling to Paris my legs and shoulders needed regular treatment. The advice Donna has given me over the past few months on stretching and strengthening exercises has been invaluable and has reduced my risk of injury. For the last six months I have been weight lifting and running four times a week and developed a sore back as my gluteals were not activating. Donna concentrated on gluteal activation and reducing tension in my hamstrings and quads and I immediately saw an improvement and I am now pain free. My trainer has noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility and has started to refer other clients to Donna. I cannot recommend Donna highly enough for her expertise and professionalism. Sarah Stoute, December 2015

Stress Fracture (Karate)

I thoroughly recommend Donna, her expertise and professionalism is second to none. After suffering many injuries she got me back on track with my training for an important competition. Not only in treating my injuries but she helped prepare me mentally too! She’s an absolute credit to the sporting industry. Kristy Butcher, November 2015


I thoroughly recommend Donna. Her knowledge and skill base makes sure that I am always in great condition, to complete my training. I am a competitive rower training up to 12 times a week. Making the chances of sustaining a injury very high. But Donna helps get to the cause and solve the issue before it becomes a problem. She gives me the confidence to carry on training as I know I can rely on her to keep me in shape. Lloyd Tobin, November 2015

Work/Posture Related

I would like to say thank you to Donna for getting me back in shape. Long periods in the car followed by longer periods at a desk have played havoc with my back so I am glad to have found someone who gets right to the heart of the problem. Thanks to Donna I have much freer movement now and the exercises given to me have helped to deal with small problems before they become big ones. After years of searching I am glad to have found Donna, she is a top class therapist. Cheers! Richard Abbott, October 2015

Neck, Shoulder and Deltoid Injury (Skiing)

I have neck, shoulder and arm problems from a skiing injury, and Donna is always able to “straighten me out” when these occasionally get on top of me. She is certainly an expert at her profession and I have recommended a number of my friends to her. Alan Price, September 2015

Shin Splints (Beginner Runner)

Fantastic service I received from Donna. 100% recommended to others with a sport injury. After having shin splints donna sorted me out, and gave me lots of advice in regards to rest days, training, foam rolling, warming up and cooling down. This was great as I’m new to running regularly. Bhavna Parekh, August 2015

Knee Injury, Pre & Post Sports Massage

I had a knee injury due to a lot of road running and now after a few treatments it feels so much better. Perfect for pre/post sports massage and would highly recommend to all, Thank you Donna. Matt Atkinson, July 2015

Shoulder Injury-AC Joint and Fractured Wrist (Motorbike Accident)

I had a Bike accident in June, and ended up with a broken wrist and damaged AC joint. The NHS scraped me off the road and patched me up, but it was Donna who made me work properly. Her weekly sessions, coupled with the advice and exercises she’s given me, has seen a massive improvement in mobility and substantial reduction in pain. I really can’t rate Donna highly enough. Thank you. Phillip Coldicott, June 2015

Shoulder and Chest Injury (Golf)

Had a very serious and painful chest /shoulder injury I have been seeing other services with minimal benefit . Saw Donna she diagnosed and the treatment I had made immediate improvement .Now back in the gym regularly and playing golf twice a week . Highly recommended , very professional and reassuring. it’s a 10 out of 10 for me. Lloyd Kelly, June 2015

Ultra Marathon Runner (Overuse Injury)

Superb, professional, friendly service as always. Had a good few visits now, mainly for overuse issues in my lower legs and feet from running. I’m not the best at resting or home maintenance but Donna always manages to keep me going and aid quick recovery.
Would most certainly recommend , myself I wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere!
There’ll be plenty of maintenance visits to keep me going through next years events. Grant Nixon, May 2015

Neck and Shoulder Tension (Desk Work)

Very good professional service, I called for a late appointment and Donna got me in as quickly as possible. It was the best physio session I have ever had and I would recommend to all. Isobel Paley, May 2015

Marathon Runner

Fabulous and friendly service, I am typing this as I’m foam rolling-doing as I’m told. Thanks for the last minute appointment Donna, really needed it. Catherine Danns, April 2015

Youth Female Footballer- Shin Splints

Great results after treatment on my daughters shin splints, much appreciated and thank you. Robert Saunders, March 2015

Frozen Shoulder

Started going to Donna in October 2014, as mobility of my left arm was severely restricted causing me a lot of pain. Thanks to Donna’s patience and knowledge I am now back to normal with full range of motion. I regularly go back for check ups and unfortunately due to the vagaries of getting old, am able to present her with new challenges which she successfully overcomes. Paul Trethowan, January 2015

Great North Run

NOT JUST FOR INJURIES. I’ve visited Donna for deep tissue massage (sports massage) a number of times in the months leading up to a half marathon effort. Not only has Donna been able, on each occasion, to release tension and pressures within me legs, she has also been able to give advise on how best to maximise my training efforts to achieve my goals, whilst limiting my risk of injuries along the way. I have no hesitation in recommending Donna of Bespoke Injury Management to anyone undergoing a heavy training schedule or suffering from an injury. In my future training efforts, I will be sure to visit Donna as often as often as required in order to reach my goals injury free. Andrew Alexander, September 2014

Shoulder (rotator cuff injury), Pectoralis major and Bicep injury

Donna has been awesome, I can now fully put my hand behind my back. My shoulder, bicep and tricep are all so much better, reduced pain and more movement. Just brilliant. Thanks Donna for all your support and help. Andrew Williams, August 2014

Ankle Rehabilitation

I’d just like to thank you so much for making my ankles stronger and helping me get rid of injuries I’ve had over the past year. I can now train and play 100% without worrying as much. I am also playing without my ankle supports and haven’t rolled my ankle once! Matt Hawkins, July 2014

Severe Ankle Injury, Open Fracture and Dislocation

I have used Bespoke Injury Management since September 2013 following a severe ankle injury whilst playing football for Raunds Town Ladies. Donna also plays for the team unfortunately on this day she was not playing, when I really needed her help! Then followed an emergency air ambulance to Coventry hospital as I had an open dislocation to my right ankle and had torn the ATFL, PTL and CFL ligaments. Following a four hour operation and 6 weeks in plaster it was over to Donna to get me off the crutches and walking again. I saw Donna once a week so she could monitor my progress, working on breaking down scar tissue, strengthening weakened calf muscle and helped immensely when I had a nasty infection on my scar, by finding innovative ways of adapting the treatment whilst the infection was treated. Donna had to teach me how to walk properly on my right ankle and emphasised to me how important these basic steps were to ensure I reach my ultimate goal of playing sport again. Donna was always positive, encouraging and very bossy, all to ensure I did not try to run before I could walk. During this particularly frustrating time for me I could not drive or go to work. Donna was always at the end of the phone giving encouragement 24/7. I am now glad to say 11 months later, I’m back to work, driving and going to the gym which is due to a specific plan devised by Donna to strengthen, increase mobility, flexibility in my ankle and to rebuild the muscles in my calf and quad following my time in plaster. I still have regular appointments with Donna and will always be extremely grateful for all her hard work, advise and support she has and continues to give me. I feel that I am now in my last phase of recovery and have even began some light pre-season training under Donna’s watchful eye. We now have a new plan to hopefully get me on the football pitch this season. I have and would recommend Bespoke Injury Management, Donna is hard working, reliable, supportive, knowledgeable and goes out of her way to ensure all of her client’s needs are met. Hayleigh King (Physical Education Teacher), June 2014

Piriformis Syndrome/Lower back pain

Thank you for making my back better Donna, I’m so grateful! Heather Gibbon, April 2014

Goal Keeper- Shoulder Rehabilitation

As a Goal keeper I’ve picked up several injuries, from ligament damage to a fractured collar bone and a dislocated then relocated shoulder. The most impressive treatment Donna gave me was by far my shoulder; an injury which potentially could have removed me from sport for 6 months she had me return in 6-8 weeks with a lot of rehabilitation. I would recommend Donna Norman to anyone with any type of injury. Charlotte Espavins, March 2014

Footballer-Muscular tension

Morning Donna, many thanks for the work on the hamstring/adductors/calf’s feel a lot better and reduced pain in the groin following six a side football. Kevin Cross, February 2014

Marathon Runner

Thank you so much for working your magic again today, my knee feels so much better that thankfully I should be able to get back out running this weekend. Lorraine Lovell, February 2014

Shoulder injury (Youth Rugby Player)

Massive thanks for treating Matts shoulder and getting him back playing, he’s a very happy and pain-free young man. Stacey Hawkins, January 2014


I have an on going back problem, after a few visits to see Donna my pain is greatly reduced and I can move a lot better. She also sorted out a shoulder injury I’ve had for two years. Thank you Donna. Debbie Flook, January 2014

Back & Shoulder Pain

Donna thank you for advice and treatment in 2013, I enter 2014 a new woman thanks to you, husband soon to visit too. Happy New Year to you. Maggie Clinton, January 2014

Achilles & Ankle Injury

Thanks to Donna Norman I was able to walk down stairs this morning with no pain/stiffness in my ankles, it may have taken several weeks but we finally got there. Thanks for your time and effort, looking forward to my first gym session in almost six months. Tracy Slow, December 2013

Hamstring & Neck Injury

I would like to thank Donna for helping clear up my reoccurring hamstring injury and for clearing up my neck injury after a very bad fall in football. Simon Anderson, November 2013

Knee Injury

Should have had physio on my knee months ago, feel ten times better thanks to Donna. Only had treatment this morning, already have better movement, I’m less achy and it feels better than my good knee! James Wager, October 2013

Neck/Back Muscular Tension

Just want to thank Donna Norman for clearing up my neck/back problem for the last 3 weeks. Anyone who needs treatment you need to go here. Thanks again Donna. Ryan Poulson, September 2013

Deep Tissue Back Massage

My back is feeling brand new after my massage last night, thank you Donna.Would highly recommend her if anyone needs a back treatment. Joe Cook, September 2013

Runner-Sports massage

Lovely massage last night from Donna at bespoke injury management all ready for the Great North Run. Paul Smith, August 2013

Lower back/Lower Limb Injury

I have known Donna for a very long time, through previously playing at the same football team as her. I was aware that she had set up in clinics after graduating from university a few years ago and when an old back problem resurfaced I went to see her, She managed to pin point what was wrong with one appointment. She gave me exercises to do and this helped. Her fast approach and diagnosis, when I experienced pain down my leg which doctors, the hospital, MRI scans, as well as physio couldn’t explain, I went to Donna and immediately felt happy with what she said to me. With listening to what had been going on with me for the past few months, she assessed me, and within one appointment, she reeled off how many different things were happening with my body. With this in mind, she gave me exercises to do to help me, and currently is helping me to get back to my normal self. Would highly recommend as she has helped me so much! Katie York, August 2013

Knee Injury & Neck/shoulder pain

We were recommended to Donna for my daughters knee problems after seeing three doctors and another physio and getting no where. After just one session she started improving and is now much better. I have also been having treatments for my neck and shoulder pain which is also the best it has been in years and cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Donna. Sally Noice, July 2013

Professional Footballer-Derby County FC

Great deep tissue massage today. Removed many of my knots in neck and shoulders, thank you. Must recommend if anyone needs treatment. Michael Jacobs, June 2013

Neck Pain

Donna was recommended to me by one of my work colleagues who had used Donna through Rushden and Higham RFC. I had a problem with my neck and was told after a few sessions with a chiropractor to get some deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders. Over a few weeks Donna has resolved the knotted muscles and has stopped the headaches I was getting. I would thoroughly recommend Donna for anyone who is looking for help with an injury. Paul Hooper, June 2013

International Motorcyclist

The thing I wish I could take to the Isle of Man TT is my amazing Sports Therapist Donna Norman of Bespoke Injury Management. She has been so instrumental in getting my leg back to full fitness since I broke my femur last October.  She has been extremely influential in getting me back on my race bike by March. I cant help but big up this young lady who has impressed me with both her skills in sports massage, her approach to rehabilitation but also in her business management. I’m really pleased to see that she will be joining Northants County Cricket Club team as a Sports Therapist. Recovering from a broken femur in time for the 2013 motorcycle racing season was always going to be a hard task but not only did Donna’s skills show massive improvements in my leg with each session but she kept me motivated throughout having her support kept me going no matter what hurdles I had to over come. She is great at what she does and getting a podium at my first outing this year is proof of that. I hope she remains as part of my team for the future. Maria Costello MBE, May 2013


After a friends recommendation I visited Donna for a sports massage to help aid recovery from playing football and road running. I now return monthly for a sports massage.
When injured I have been treated by Donna also. She has been quick to locate, treat and advise suitable exercises/stretches for recovery in the quickest time possible.
Donna is professional in all areas of her work and highly recommended. Ian Mason, May 2013

Posture Related (Desk Work)

I was highly recommended to see Donna after suffering with shoulder and neck pains due to long hours sitting at a desk at work. After my first session, all of my tension and knots had been released and I had a lot more flexibility in these areas. The results were so good I now see Donna on a regular basis to keep the tension at a minimum. Sarah Lee, April 2013

Lower back pain after Pregnancy

After giving birth to my daughter, I have struggled more than usual with lower back pain, I visited a remedial massage therapist who helped ease the pain however the pain returned within 2 days. I decided to seek treatment from Donna who identified where the pain was coming from (gluteals) and released the muscle in just 1 session, after care advice was first class and I have not had any problems since. Highly recommended and would not go anywhere else now. Kayleigh Mehew, February 2013 


Chronic Back Pain

I went to see Donna with a calf injury to begin with which she cured in two sessions. However I told her about my back/hip/leg pain I’d had for 17 years. She has been treating me and I am now 99% pain free. Donna diagnosed a problem that doctors, phyisotherapists, osteopaths, a back surgeon and a pain specialist failed to. I would thoroughly recommend her. Kim Blake, November 2012 

Groin Strain

I would recommend Donna for any type of injury, treatment provided helped my groin strain recover really quickly which meant I could return to my sport. The advice given was spot on.  Leah Stacey, October 2012

Rugby Player

Due to playing rugby for Rushden and Higham RFC and my career in the Royal Navy I lead a very physical and active lifestyle. Approximately twelve weeks ago I began to suffer with a dull ache in my upper back and shoulders, this made exercise of any kind painful. I first visited Donna of ‘Bespoke injury Management’ at Rushden and Higham RFC, as she is the clubs sports therapist. I was given a 15 minute Sports Therapy Massage and expert advice. Donna explained to me the importance of using different stretching techniques in order to break down the build up of muscle tension in my shoulders. I was so impressed with the results of this session that I booked in with Donna privately for a series of treatments. With only a hand full of visits the improvement has been huge. I have my full range of movement back and I experience no pain. In less than three months I am back to full fitness and enjoying my active lifestyle once more. I will continue to highly recommend Donna to my friends, family and work colleagues, and will not hesitate to visit her in the future. Chris Thompson, July 2012

Groin Injury

I recommend anyone with a sports injury to go and see Donna, I’ve played football for 18 years and have never tried treatments before. I recently had a reaccuring groin injury which prevented me from playing sport and caused me a lot of discomfort. It turned out to be a bad groin tear, I had four treatments with Donna and followed her instructions, and was back playing properly within 3 weeks. I wish I had discovered these treatments along time ago! Hayley Griffiths, June 2012

Lower back pain

Can’t recommend enough, well looked after and sorted my problem out really quickly would defiantly use again! Steve Medlin, March 2012

Neck and Shoulder pain

I came to Donna a few times with back trouble and a lot of tension and pain in my shoulders. She always sorts them out and releases the pain. Very good service, I would highly recommend to anyone suffering with muscular back/shoulder pain. Lauren Green, February 2012

Shoulder pain

As someone who doesn’t enjoy massage at all, I had a surprise when I saw Donna for shoulder/back muscular pain. She released a lot of tension in both areas in one session. I will be going back for more treatments, I already feel better and in less pain, and actually relaxed a lot during the treatment to my surprise. Makes a difference being able to do my job without any pain! Shelley Lloyd, September 2011

Sciatica and Knee injury

I have been to Donna numerous times for treatments for sciatica in my back, knee and ankle injuries. Donna is very professional in her work and her customer service is second to none. I’ve had deep tissue massage and ultrasound. Would defiantly recommend, she provides good competitive prices. Natasha Folwell, June 2011

Marathon Runner

I had several sports massages for my hamstrings, quadriceps and calfs when I was training for the London marathon. Can highly recommend going to see Donna if you are suffering with aches and pains that need sorting out! I will defiantly go back. Sarah LLoyd, April 2011


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