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Maria Costello rehab

Maria Costello is known as 'Queen of Bikes' for good reason – she's one of Europe's top female bike racers. Her career began in 1995 and she held the World Record as fastest woman to lap the Isle of Man TT course for several years. She’s the first woman in the history of that famous race to stand on the podium, too. Maria’s also won nine trophies at Manx Grand Prix races. She's acted as a stunt double for famous actresses, including Reese Witherspoon and Tamzin Outhwaite and been awarded an MBE.

“I get to race all over the world. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world most of the time,” says Maria.

But it's not all been a smooth ride to success.

Racing two years ago, Maria suffered a serious leg break. Looking for local sports therapy, Maria, who comes from Northampton, discovered Bespoke Injury Management on twitter.

Donna from Bespoke Injury Management met with Maria to discuss becoming part of Maria’s support team. The meeting went well. And from there, work on rehab and getting Maria back to racing fitness began.

“Our rehab plan focussed on battling scar tissue, getting the muscles to work better and building up strength,” recalls Maria.

But it wasn’t just about the physical healing – part of Donna’s job was to help keep Maria positive and on track.

"Through treating Maria, I’ve learned just how committed professional sports people are. Injuries are not going to hold them back," says Donna. "I really enjoy working with such a motivated professional, who’s happy to take on board any new ideas."

"It can be hard at times to keep someone motivated through a long injury," adds Donna, "but we seem to have a great relationship. We bounce off one another. 

And Maria agrees.

“It’s great to have Donna as part of my back-up team. I go to see her every week when I need to She’s really positive with me and you need to have people around you like that, especially in a sport like mine where you can get hurt,” she says.

“If I’m having a bad day, Donna will help me to find a positive. I’d like to have her on my team forever. She has a great work ethic and is a little diamond. When I win the lottery, I’d employ her full-tome. I can’t speak highly enough of her and totally recommend her.”

When Maria came back from her leg injury in 2013, she went on to have one of her best seasons ever. Bespoke Injury Management continues to work with the superstar.

Of course, you don’t need to be an elite sports player to benefit from Bespoke Injury Management therapy. We’re committed to getting you back to your sport, job or lifestyle, whatever your level of fitness.

So, if you’d like to chat with or see Donna Norman from Bespoke Injury Management, why not pop into Oxford Street Therapy Centre, call 01933 224454 or 07814 396872 or email

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April is here!



Did you know that April marks the official start of the Open Water swimming season? Or that the same month sees more than 30,000 runners take to the capital’s streets for the annual London marathon?

Perhaps you fall into one of the categories above – a sports-player who’s beginning to increase their training looking at the season ahead or one who’s coming to the end of a long period of training and events?

If that’s you, did you know that a sports massage or therapy could help you?  Maybe you think sports massage or therapy is just for an acute injury? Yes, it’s great in those situations, but ask any committed sports-player and you’ll find out that many consider massage to be crucial as part of their training, too. 

That’s because research shows having regular sports massages gives not only short-term benefits, but eases out long-standing pain and injury, too. So why suffer with that shoulder pain or niggly knee any longer?


If you’re starting out on your training programme, at Bespoke Injury Management we recommend a massage as a great way to loosen up your muscles and ensure you’re flexible, so you get stuck into your favourite sport straight away this spring and summer. Even if you’ve rested up before starting again, you might be carrying a long-standing injury with scar tissue or stiff muscles that could benefit from a professional sports massage. Then you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll perform at your best throughout your training and peak when it matters most to you.


But maybe you’re coming to the end of a season? Do you you have tenderness, stiffness or pain from injuries that have built up gradually? It’s a really common problem for lots of people. Getting those problems sorted now is a great way to ease up, heal and send your body that all-important message, ‘you’ve worked hard, now it’s time for some essential R&R.’

Sports massage will ease away any tension and enable you to feel less tired, too, helping your muscles regain strength quicker, have fewer damaged fibres and less inflammation, as well. So you’ll feel great.


As well, a good sports therapist, like Bespoke Injury Management, can spot any problems before they develop into serious issues for you– things like muscle tightness, the beginning of a flare-up, even body imbalances. You know already that there’s nothing worse than being out of action from a serious injury or problem, that could have been prevented.

At Bespoke Injury Management, we want to help you avoid these problems, stay fit for training  and events and enjoy your sport to your maximum ability. You can trust us to keep your body flexible and injury-free for whatever sport you like to do best – including watching sports coverage on your sofa!

To talk about sports massage or to book an appointment, just come in to see Donna Norman from Bespoke Injury Management at Oxford Street Therapy Centre or call 01933 224454 or 07814 396872. You can also email: 

Don’t forget these key dates for April! Box End Lake and Rutland Water open for swimmers and triathletes and the London Marathon runs off on Sunday April 13th, with Mo Farah making his debut appearance!

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