2-P1080924Whether you’re a spin bowler or sofa surfer, keep your back safe this month.

Did you know that May is the month, when the UK cricket season really gets going? Or that you can now watch county teams play not just at weekends, but on weekdays, too?

Longer, warmer days and changes to the cricket schedule mean cricket fans can indulge their passion more easily this year.


Of course, like other sports, cricket has its fair share of risk and injuries. Among the top five cricket injuries are hamstring strains, lower back pain, side strain, shoulder pain and sprained ankles. All these conditions are not only painful, but can negatively affect your season – especially tough if you enjoy a sport that’s not available all year round.

If you're a keen bowler, you're particularly at risk, especially from lower back pain. You may be vulnerable to stress fractures in your back. Just bending to pick up a ball or standing still for a long time can make your back tired and stressed – leading to short-term or chronic back pain. The problem is, your back’s involved in so many movements, not only on the pitch, but off it, too.

And back strain is painful, limiting and frustrating.


If your back hurts, it affects simple, everyday jobs, like stacking the dishwasher, getting in your car or even putting on your shoes. It’s not only when you play sport, that you can hurt your back – sitting badly, twisting awkwardly, even carrying heavy shopping can all bring on back pain.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help yourself. One is to be mindful about how much strain you're putting on your back. Building core stability – through simple exercises or stretching disciplines, like yoga or pilates – can be really helpful. If the muscles in your back are stable, you're less likely to suffer injury. And if you do injure yourself, you'll heal quicker.


A good diagnosis about your back pain always helps, so do pop in to see us anytime. We're always happy to take a look at you. And we’ll be able to tell if you have a more serious problem, like stress fractures, which would mean you’d need to rest up for a while.

Sports physio will help you get back on your feet – and back on the pitch – as soon as possible and ensure you do it safely. We’ll give you solid advice on how to prevent further injury. We can take a look at issues like posture and can give you useful exercises to build strength. Although we love seeing you, we love seeing you enjoy your favourite sport even more, whether that's on the pitch or from the sofa!

If you’d like to find out more about back pain, any injury or to book an appointment, pop in to see Donna Norman from Bespoke Injury Management at Oxford Street Therapy Centre or call 01933 224454 or 07814 396872. You can also email


ONE billion pounds – is the amount the NHS spends on back problems each year.

FIVE million days – are lost to British business each year through back-related sick leave.

FORTY-EIGHT hours – is the maximum time you should wait, before getting your back pain checked out.

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