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If you’re a football fan, you’ll know that UK league football kicks off in August, with Manchester City bidding to retain the Premier League they won in May. The season is starting a little later this year, following the World Cup in June and July.  England will be warming up this month, too, for their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign, which begins with matches in September, October, and November, plus March and June next year.


As the season starts, every manager is hoping for the best line-up for their teams. But how do pro footballers stay in shape in the off-season, so that they’re ready to go when it all starts again?


It seems that many footballers keep their workouts going, but they may mix it up, like other sports players, with sports or activities they don’t normally do. They may do gym work, circuit training, running or something completely different. Some choose to work on a particular area – like strength or core training, power or agility.


In fact, at the recent Commonwealth Games, it was revealed that swimming gold medal winner Hannah Miley includes rock climbing in her workouts to build upper body strength. Rest is also an essential part of staying fit, as is nutrition. You may have been doing all these things, too, if your sport, like football, hasn’t officially kicked off yet.


However, you’ll need to watch out that you don’t over-do it, even when you’re not playing your favourite game. Crossing over into running or swimming, for example if they’re not your sports, could lead to other injuries, if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s important you include an effective stretching routine into your workout. Make sure you gently work all your muscle groups from your head and neck right down to your calves and ankles. Or why not pick up a yoga or Pilates class to guide you through some great, stretching bodywork exercises?


If you’ve taken time out from exercise, it’s also important that you ease back into a routine gradually. You may have been super-fit when your season finished, but fitness gradually disappears and you shouldn’t be discouraged, if the first few weeks of training feel harder than you expected. Just do what your body is prepared to do and try to avoid injury by building up gradually. After all, the worst thing would be to start the season sitting on the sidelines, because you’re injured!


And when you start to play, keep the focus on stretching and a good warm-up. If you’re playing a sport like football, your hamstrings, quads and calves will probably be much tighter than they were at the end of the season. It’s important to pay attention to these key areas.


Of course, if you do pick up an injury – or even just a little niggle – the sooner you get it sorted out, the better it will be. We know how important it is not just to get fit, but to stay fit, so you can enjoy your sport throughout the season.


If you’d like to find out more about a pre-season check-up or to make an appointment, pop in to see Donna Norman from Bespoke Injury Management at Oxford Street Therapy Centre or call 01933 224454 or 07814 396872. You can also email

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April is here!



Did you know that April marks the official start of the Open Water swimming season? Or that the same month sees more than 30,000 runners take to the capital’s streets for the annual London marathon?

Perhaps you fall into one of the categories above – a sports-player who’s beginning to increase their training looking at the season ahead or one who’s coming to the end of a long period of training and events?

If that’s you, did you know that a sports massage or therapy could help you?  Maybe you think sports massage or therapy is just for an acute injury? Yes, it’s great in those situations, but ask any committed sports-player and you’ll find out that many consider massage to be crucial as part of their training, too. 

That’s because research shows having regular sports massages gives not only short-term benefits, but eases out long-standing pain and injury, too. So why suffer with that shoulder pain or niggly knee any longer?


If you’re starting out on your training programme, at Bespoke Injury Management we recommend a massage as a great way to loosen up your muscles and ensure you’re flexible, so you get stuck into your favourite sport straight away this spring and summer. Even if you’ve rested up before starting again, you might be carrying a long-standing injury with scar tissue or stiff muscles that could benefit from a professional sports massage. Then you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll perform at your best throughout your training and peak when it matters most to you.


But maybe you’re coming to the end of a season? Do you you have tenderness, stiffness or pain from injuries that have built up gradually? It’s a really common problem for lots of people. Getting those problems sorted now is a great way to ease up, heal and send your body that all-important message, ‘you’ve worked hard, now it’s time for some essential R&R.’

Sports massage will ease away any tension and enable you to feel less tired, too, helping your muscles regain strength quicker, have fewer damaged fibres and less inflammation, as well. So you’ll feel great.


As well, a good sports therapist, like Bespoke Injury Management, can spot any problems before they develop into serious issues for you– things like muscle tightness, the beginning of a flare-up, even body imbalances. You know already that there’s nothing worse than being out of action from a serious injury or problem, that could have been prevented.

At Bespoke Injury Management, we want to help you avoid these problems, stay fit for training  and events and enjoy your sport to your maximum ability. You can trust us to keep your body flexible and injury-free for whatever sport you like to do best – including watching sports coverage on your sofa!

To talk about sports massage or to book an appointment, just come in to see Donna Norman from Bespoke Injury Management at Oxford Street Therapy Centre or call 01933 224454 or 07814 396872. You can also email: 

Don’t forget these key dates for April! Box End Lake and Rutland Water open for swimmers and triathletes and the London Marathon runs off on Sunday April 13th, with Mo Farah making his debut appearance!

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