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June sees an exciting month for tennis fans – fresh off the heels of Roland Garros (the French Open) in Paris, the world’s best tennis players will move to the UK – first for a ‘warm-up’ at Eastbourne, before the action kicks in at Wimbledon at the beginning of July.

Among the stars fans can hope to see are home-grown talent Andy Murray, as well as top seeds such as Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Stan Warwrinka and Roger Federer among the men and Serena Williams, Na Li, Agnieska Radwanska and Simona Halep among the ladies.

But the path to success and stardom hasn’t been straightforward for any of these seeds, with many of them testifying they’ve been dogged by injury and strains, preventing them from performing at their best. All professional sports players accept that injury is likely to happen – they know the key is to minimise the possibility of it happening, to get it treated when it does occur and to be mentally prepared for it.

At Bespoke Injury Management, we know that all of these things are important – prevention, treatment and psychology. That’s why we can help you when a little niggle begins, giving you advice and treatment to prevent whatever is wrong from getting worse and having a serious impact on your sport, whether that’s tennis or something else.

We also know that early and frequent treatment is likely to minimise the effect of any injury you do sustain and we will help you to get better quicker. Not only that, but when you come to see us, we’ll give you advice on how to get back to fitness without further injury or irritation.

You’ll find that we understand how tough it is psychologically when injury takes you out of your training and competition schedule, so you’ll find that, unlike a general physio, we’ll be sympathetic to your needs and your desire to get back on the court, pitch, course or wherever as fast and healthily as you can.

You’ll be pleased to discover that we’re also skilled at dealing with particular problems associated with your sport – for example, we find tennis players often struggle with shoulder problems, so we’re good not only at manipulation and massage to speed healing, but we know exactly what exercises will help you, too, and can offer effective taping – making you look just like a tennis star!

As you get better, you can trust you’re in good company. Every serious sports player has had to face performance-threatening injury. Top tennis star, Rafa Nadal, in particular, has struggled with injury in the past few years. Despite the disappointment of missing whole Slam tournaments and not being able to play to his best at key moments, Rafa remains philosophical about injury –

“That’s part of life. That’s part of sport. It’s just another tough moment,’ he says. “I’m going to keep playing, going to keep training hard and I’m going to keep enjoying the world of tennis.”

It’s our aim to keep you playing, keep you training hard and keep you enjoying your world of sport, too.

To talk about injury, treatment or to book an appointment, just come in to see Donna Norman from Bespoke Injury Management at Oxford Street Therapy Centre or call 01933 224454 or 07814 396872. You can also email:

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